September 11, 2023
Over the years, Samuel Oshana has carved a path of notable achievement across a multitude of business domains, with the lion's share of his triumphs concentrated in two states, New York and Florida. His unique ability to initiate and nurture businesses, elevating them to a state of increased prosperity and substantial profitability, is particularly noteworthy. Samuel Oshana possesses the acumen to launch new enterprises and guide them to a juncture where they can be divested for a commendable return on investment. A standout instance of this prowess is discernible in his founding of Apex Data Systems, a renowned merchant payment processing company that he skillfully nurtured during his tenure with First Data Corporation.

Notably, Samuel Oshana orchestrated the sale of Apex Data Systems, reaping a substantial return on investment grounded in the company's impressive sales and profitability. His journey towards becoming a seasoned investment professional commenced during his tenure with some of the nation's most distinguished brokerages, such as JP Morgan and Heartland Securities. Holding a trifecta of licenses - series 7, 55, and 63 - he was ardently committed to aiding clients in their diverse investment endeavors. His tenure as a broker afforded him a profound understanding of the intrinsic worth of investments and the strategies for optimizing investment returns.

In contemporary times, Samuel Oshana has adopted a more assertive investment approach. His current business model involves extending capital to both small businesses and individuals, leveraging real estate assets as collateral. This strategic shift has empowered him to cultivate a robust real estate investment portfolio. Augmenting his repertoire, Samuel Oshana recently acquired a Florida real estate brokerage license, a strategic move that has broadened the scope of his investments, encompassing both residential and commercial real estate in Southern Florida. He has exhibited noteworthy success through the acquisition of properties in Dade and Broward Counties, sourced at advantageous prices in budding neighborhoods, which he subsequently restores and sells for healthy profits.